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RAL Colours

Our world is full of colour because colour is associated with everything we see with our eyes. Nature presents itself with a changing variety of seasonal shades. We have always shaped our individual living space with our colour desire and imagination. Again and again we create new colourful worlds of living which influence our vitality, creativity and emotions. Fashion and product designers, graphic artists and architects, designers and artists, painters and interior decorators – they all communicate through colour. As early as 80 years ago, RAL started to definitely define colour shades, assigned specific numbers and names to each colour and thereby showed the way: RAL created a universal language of colour. What started in 1927 with a colour board of 40 shades that were primarily in demand by industry and the general public today has grown into the impressive number of almost
2400 colour shades – always following new demands. Stringent quality controls provide users with high accuracy and reliability. This impressive success story has been written for the past 80 years and today RAL colours are an international leading standard for all professional users of colour in industry, trade and design.

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