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The Range

Reading Room

For some, to go to work is to leave the home, to make that psychological step from one environment to another. The Reading Room concept has been developed to fulfil the requirement for office space at home but not inside it. We have introduced a more formal design structure featuring a vaulted domed roof, lined internally with up-lighting and customisable electrics. The sliding doors provide an opening dimension of almost three metres wide. The double glazed panels are continued at high level at each end and finished with a square tracery design and the roof is topped with a decorative crest.

But do you need to be reminded of your work place every time you visit the garden? We feel not, so the design must also feel like a place in which you can relax; a formal structure which can double as a place for recreation.

So if the journey to work fills you with dread, but working in your home feels like incarceration, then perhaps an office in the garden is the ideal solution.

Dimensions (Internal between panels)
4800mm x 2800mm (15ft 9” x 8ft 2”)

Ordering Options
1. Colour
2. Floor Style – Plywood (Fitted As Standard) or Hardwood (Optional Extra)

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